Thursday, 1 November 2012

All Hail the King: Breaking Bad Season 5 Part 1, Premiering on Netflix UK and Ireland

For those of you in heavy withdrawal from the explosive, breathless end to Season 4, we have just the thing to cure your ills.  Starting today, Netflix will premiere Part 1 of the final season of Breaking Bad for our UK and Ireland members.

We’ve all witnessed Walter White’s journey from defeated high school chemistry teacher to crystal meth kingpin, and Season 5 promises to answer the one question on everyone’s mind…how will this all end? 

For the uninitiated, what better time than now to start watching the show The Observer calls, “the best American drama series you’ve never seen.”  We should warn you though that once you start, there’s very little chance of kicking the habit.


David Lee is a Director of Content, responsible for licensing content in the UK and Ireland