Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Netflix now on Kindle Fire in the UK

We all know how much you love watching films and TV programmes on all the devices you have. If you are like me, you stream from Netflix on your TV, your phone and your tablet so you don’t miss any of the TV programmes or films.
Today, we are very excited to announce that the Netflix app is available in the Amazon App Store in the UK. Many of you have asked us if Netflix on the Kindle has all the Netflix titles. Yes it does! Everything that is available on Netflix UK is also available via the Netflix app in the Amazon UK App Store. Download the Netflix app on your new Kindle Fire and enjoy all the great films and TV programmes!


Roma De is director product management at Netflix

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Discover Netflix on Windows 8

Microsoft officially launched Windows 8 today. At Netflix we’re very proud of our new Windows 8 application, which delivers a great experience on the new operating system.

Windows 8 is different from previous versions of Windows, it works on both laptops and tablets and it brings the full screen application experience to the PC, so you can enjoy immersive apps like Netflix however you use your computer – as a tablet, as a laptop, or even connected to your TV.

We've tailored the Netflix experience to take advantage of the new features that Microsoft created in Windows 8.

But first, here’s what hasn’t changed:

  • The Netflix streaming application provides access to the same wide range of films and TV programmes that you can find on our website and Netflix applications on other devices
  • You’ll still get the same features such as your Top 10 and the ability to browse all the genres on Netflix

Now, here’s what’s new:

  • You can access the Netflix app on your “Start” screen without needing to go to our Web site. Many new Windows 8 devices will come with Netflix pre-installed so it’s easy to access. If you don’t see Netflix on your start screen, you can download the Netflix app from the Windows Store at no cost.
  • Once you’re in the Netflix application, you can browse for films and TV programmes by moving from left to right to move through the personalised genres and dive into any row by tapping (or clicking) on its name. Speaking of tapping or clicking, everything works whether you’re using your finger or a mouse & keyboard.
  • Windows 8 also allows some other cool, standard actions that we’re taking advantage of. For example, we have enabled a feature called “Semantic Zoom” on the “Home” area of the app so you can pinch and zoom out to see an overview of your top recommendations.
  • Windows 8 also lets you have two applications open at once; a feature called “Snap View”. This means that you can watch a film or TV programme on Netflix and be looking at Facebook or Twitter at the same time, for example.
  • While you’re roaming around the app, we realise that you may want to get back to your favourite titles. We’ve created a navigation ribbon that’s accessible in key areas in the app that provides access to the Home area, Top 10, New Releases and our main genres.
  • Video plays smoothly in full HD (when available). By bypassing browser plug-ins, we were able to make our video player more efficient. This results in smoother playback with less strain on your PC – and that means less fan noise and more films on a single charge.

We hope you enjoy the new experience!

Michael Spiegelman & Matt Trunnell

Michael Spiegelman is director of product innovation at Netflix
Matt Trunnell is engineering manager at Netflix

Monday, 1 October 2012

Netflix “Just for Kids” Now on iPad

My boys are mad about iPad. My youngest will often take the family iPad into his makeshift fort to watch his favourite programmes, streaming from Netflix.

I have some good news for my family and yours: Netflix “Just for Kids” is now available on iPad, the first mobile version of this special child-friendly Netflix experience. Now parents, including myself, can be sure their kids find what they want and won't stumble into something that isn't appropriate.

Netflix “Just for Kids” is filled with films and TV programmes appropriate for kids 12 and under, organised in a child- friendly way with large images of their favourite characters and genres such as superheroes, girl power and sing-alongs. Just click the new “Just for Kids” button on the upper left hand side of the Netflix App to enter the section.

Here’s a video introduction to Netflix “Just for Kids” on iPad.

Note: Netflix "Just for Kids" is initially available on iPad 2 and newer iPads, it will come to the original iPad and Android-powered tablets later.


David Watson is director of product innovation at Netflix and leads kids and family products