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Monday, 13 May 2013

Updated Netflix Player on PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular ways to enjoy TV programmes and films from Netflix. Today we released an updated version of the Netflix player on PS3.

The first thing you will notice an updated design that is more consistent with the Netflix player on the Web as well as our mobile and tablet applications.

The key feature in this update is the ability to easily manage your audio and subtitles selections. You can now do that directly in the player on the PS3, without having to return to the browse experience.

Here’s how it works: Select “Audio & Subtitles” and all options for that title are presented. Members who use the Sony PS3 Blu-ray remote control accessory can access “Audio & Subtitles” directly from the remote control by pressing “Subtitles”.

For users of our social features, the ability to not share the current title is also easily available in the player.

Lastly, we have improved the design and performance of our “trickplay” mode when scanning forward or reverse in play mode. The images load much faster, allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for. Also, you can easily go back 10 seconds in the title at any time by simply pressing the left arrow button once on your controller or remote control.

The updated Netflix player experience is available now on PS3 and will be coming soon to select SmartTVs and Blu-ray players.



Chris Jaffe is Director of Product Innovation at Netflix

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New “Post-play” Experience Makes It Easy To Continue Watching

At Netflix we’re very focused on making it easier to enjoy more TV programmes and films streaming over the internet to whatever device you use. A lot of the work we do is under the bonnet, but we recently added a very visible feature we call “post-play” to the Netflix experience.

What does “post-play” do? Let us illustrate: You’re finishing an episode of Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Lost, or any of the other compelling serialised dramas on Netflix. When the episode ends, you probably can’t wait to find out what happens next. That’s where “post-play” comes in.

Many Netflix members love watching multiple episodes of TV shows in a row. It is almost a phenomenon; John Jurgensen of The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article on indulging in TV programme marathons.

The new Netflix “post-play” experience makes sitting down for multiple episodes easier. It also works for films; if you’re watching a feature, we will make suggestions for other things to watch as soon as it ends.

Here’s how “post-play” works:

  • When you finish watching an episode of a TV programme, we’ll minimise the credits and cue the next episode. If you do nothing, the next episode will start to play in 15 seconds. You can also stop it to get more information or select another episode.
  • When you finish watching a film, we’ll minimise the credits and offer you three recommendations to try next. If those don’t suit you, you can always go directly to search from “post-play” or go back to browsing to find something else.

Netflix "post-play" on PS3
Netflix "post-play" on the Web

The “post-play” experience is now available on the PS3 and our Web site. It will be coming to other devices soon.


Chris Jaffe & Michael Spiegelman

Monday, 12 March 2012

Netflix "Just for Kids" Now on PS3

I'm very happy to announce the latest release of Netflix "Just for Kids," now on the PlayStation 3.Whether you are a kid in age or a kid at heart, you will love our new section on the PS3 designed specifically for kids with content appropriate for those 12 and under.

Parents and caregivers, you can unleash your kids in this section of Netflix and not worry about titles that could be inappropriate. Our "Just for Kids" section was such a hit on the Web site, Nintendo Wii and Apple TV, that we have now added it to PS3.

Since we first launched "Just for Kids" as a dedicated section on in August 2011, Netflix members have watched more than one billion hours of kids’ titles. That's a lot, considering that all of those hours are free of advertisements, as always on Netflix.

We hope you and your kids really enjoy "Just for Kids" on PS3 and stay tuned for more "Just for Kids" news.


David Watson is director of product innovation at Netflix, responsible for our family and kids innovations.